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Some Frequently Asked Questions We Hear at West Bay Paddleboards

1. Do I have to be fit?

You do not need to be at a high level of fitness to get started or to benefit from stand up paddle boarding. And if you're new to it, we'll even teach you the basics before you start! Our lessons and tours are good for all levels of fitness and can be modified to fit individual needs. You will get a total core workout. Flat water stand up paddling works your entire body and mind, the fitness benefits are there for everyone to enjoy.


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2. Is it difficult, will I be able to stand up?

One of the great things about the sport of paddle boarding is that practically anyone can do it. The boards are very stable, long, and wide and within just a few short minutes you will have gained your balance and started your paddle boarding journey, you never know where it will take you! 

3. Is there an age limit?
We welcome paddlers from the ages of 9 to 99, although younger children can tandem with their parents along. We have kids boards so that they can have an authentic SUP experience. All children under 16 are required to be accompanied by an adult.
4. Is there a weight limit?
We have equipment that can accommodate an individuals up to 275 lbs for a comfortable paddling experience. 

5. What should I wear?
We recommend a hat, sunglasses (good to have them attached to a floaty just in case you fall off), and to dress according to the weather of the day. Shoes are needed to walk down on the dock, but we recommend barefoot on the boards. 

6. What should I bring?
Bring as little as possible, but make sure you have sufficient sunscreen. A camera and bottle of water are nice additions. We have waterproof bags and boxes for sale and rent if needed.

7. What is your cancellation policy?
We have a 50% refund policy up to 24 hours prior to the reservation. If cancelled within 24 hours of the reservation, there is no refund.

8. What gear is included with a lesson and rental?
A stand up paddleboard, paddle, personal flotation device, and leash.

​9. How do I book a lesson, rental or tour?
By calling us at (360) 584-0582 or emailing westbaypaddleboards@gmail.com. Walk-ins are welcome when boards are available, but we always recommend reservations, especially if you are seeking lessons.
10. What if the weather is unsuitable for paddling on the day of our pre-booked reservation?

We will reschedule the reservation without penalty if Chris or Jackie deem local conditions are not appropriate for paddleboarding.